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Jan 8, 2020 11:17 am

An inactive company also known as “shelf company” is a company dully registered before the Costa Rican Nacional Register, but they not develop any type of commercial or lucrative activity within the Costa Rican territory.  The general purpose of this company is to hold under its name any type of assets, such as properties and vehicles. They could also own stock capital from another company as an asset.

Past December 27th, the Tax Administration in compliance with the control process they must perform, they proceeded to published at the Gazette the resolution DGT-R-075-2019, in which it is stated two liabilities that all inactive companies must comply from now on before such office.

Taxpayer Registry Declaration Form (D-140)

All inactive companies with its corporate domicile in Costa Rica, must register before the Tax Registry of the Tax Administration by filing the Taxpayer Registry Declaration Form (D-140).

The information that must be included is the following:

-Information of the legal representative

-Tax domicile dully updated

-Commercial activity number 960113 (number designated to inactive companies)

The registration process could be done online or at the Tax Administration Office.

Compliance deadlines of the D-140:

The compliance deadlines for the registration of inactive companies before the Tax Authority are the following:

-Corporate ID ending in 1 and 2 must file the D-140 until January 27th 2020

-Corporate ID ending in 3 and 4 must file the D-140 until February 29TH 2020

-Corporate ID ending in 5 and 6 must file the D-140 until March 31st 2020

-Corporate ID ending in 7 and 8 must file the D-140 until April 30th 2020

-Corporate ID ending in 9 and 0 must file the D-140 until May 31st 2020

Assets Declaration Form (D-135).

All inactive companies must declare before the Tax Authority, its stock capital and also if they hold any type of asset and/or debt. Such information must be filed with the form known as the Assets Declaration Form (D-135).

The D-135 must be filed annually, within two months and fifteen days from December 31st. The first declaration form must be filed until 2021.