We all make an effort to create our heritage; whether small, medium or large, it deserves proper care and protection, so that our family can happen to tenure thereof. Likewise, we all run a risk level in our daily activity; it doesnt matter if it is a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a nurse, builders or others.

TheIndentureis a financial legal instrument that allows its users to move their assets and rights (as Trustor) to a trust, to be legally protected and managed so as to fully grow and at the time specified in the contract, may be transferred to whom might be specified (spouse, children, siblings, etc.).

The benefits of the Trust as a figure of estate planning are recognized worldwide. From the moment the property or rights are transferred to the Trust, it comes upon them a “legal involvement”, preventing, as a principle-like rule, that they be seized or persecuted by others, or distracted the end of the Trust, as the corporate law seeks to protect achieving the aim set out in the contract (Article 634 of the Commercial Code of Costa Rica). The Rule of “Good to the Trust” on the principle of good faith in business, so any fiduciary legal structure tends to protect the trust assets and achieve the Trustees (beneficiaries) get what the Settlor determined it was theirs.

This is how many professionals in America and Europe, come to constitute administration trusts, investment trusts, testamentary trusts, and others, because they help them to create, develop and successfully achieve, conservation, growth and distribution of its assets under certain events listed in the contract.

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