Licensed Attorney at Law. Notary and Registry law specialist.  He is currently studying a master in Law with a focus on Labor law at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica (Latin University of Costa Rica) and a specialty on International and National Arbitrary at the Universidad ULACIT Costa Rica.

Has a trajectory of 14 years of experience, dedicating himself to the professional practice of the Litigation area.

He currently forms part as an Associate Attorney at the AG Legal team.

Has worked as a Litigation lawyer, as well as a certified Mediator and Conciliator for the Desamparados and Cartago municipalities and the Tribunal de Resolución Alterna de Conflictos (TRAC) (Alternative Dispute Resolution Court (TRAC)) in San Jose and other conciliation centers.

Studied at the Universidad Libre de Derecho (The Free University of Law) and has additional formation in different seminars and conferences realized by the Colegio de Abogados (Lawyers Association), Instituto Costarricense de Derecho Procesal Cientifico, (Costa Rican Institute of Scientific Procedural Law) Costa Rica Young Arbitrators, amongst others.