With a Law and Notary Public degree, Ms. Quirós is a highly accomplished legal expert and partner at AG LEGAL. Specializing in Labor Law, she has been practicing for over 20 years, providing exceptional legal advice to numerous renowned companies domestically and internationally, particularly in Intellectual Property and Labor Law matters.

Ms. Quirós joined AG Legal in 2015 as the Director of the Labor and Intellectual Property Departments. In this role, she oversees trademark registration processes and consultations to ensure that the trademarks of important companies are well-protected. She is also responsible for leading criminal proceedings against offenders of intellectual property, industrial, and copyright rights.

Apart from her work in intellectual property and labor law, Ms. Quirós also conducts training sessions for companies on labor and trademark law. With her extensive experience in the legal field, she has been a lead attorney in significant cases for the firm, processes, and negotiations, providing our clients with legal and emotional safety in times of conflict.