Although it is quite clear that Intellectual Property in Costa Rica had not reached the expected standards, with the signing of the Central America Free Trade Agreement with the United States, Intellectual Property is setting new paths to the protection of the rights of authors, patents and trademarks owners.

In addition to this, the Attorney General’s Office made a change in the politics regarding the prosecution of the Intellectual Property crimes, providing more protection to the victim. AG Abogados had an important role in this change of perspective, organizing training programs geared for Judges, Prosecutors and Judicial Investigators.

Costa Rica has currently enacted important regulations regarding the protection of copyrights and related rights, trademarks and all kinds of investments patents and utility.

Costa Rica has subscribed several International agreements such as the Niza Agreement, the Budapest Treaty, the Vienna Agreement, the Paris Settlement, the Rome Settlement, the Bern Settlement, the Lisbon Settlement, as well as different agreements of the WIPO, among others.

Furthermore, each area of Intellectual Property rights in Costa Rica is regulated by its own specific law. As examples we can mention: the Copyrights and Related Rights Law, Trademarks and Another Distinctive Signs Law, Undisclosed Information Law, Enforcement Procedures for the Copyrights Law, Investment Patents Law, Draws and Industrials Models Law, among several others.

Finally, the fundamental factor that provides the protection and security of copyright and related rights along with any other Intellectual Property in the area, is the existence of a Specialized Registry inside the National Public Registry, dedicated only to ensure to the protection of such rights.

Services provided by AG Legal

Our team of attorneys has extensive experience in Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Copyrights and related, as well as all the International Normative and Commercial Treaties, related with all new protections in this matter. In the same way, we offer legal advice and support within disputes or any other matter related to intellectual and industrial property.

Among the services that we offer you can find the following:

  • Registration of trade names, brands, advertising signs, logos
  • Patents
  • Literary and artistic works
  • Software
  • Domains
  • Integrated circuits

And everything else that involves intellectual and industrial protection.